Jude – live at Abbey Road Studios

Today we are celebrating Year 7 student, Jude, who shared with us his exciting experience of playing piano live at Abbey Road Studios. 

Jude was invited to visit the studios on the 50th anniversary of The Beatles Abbey Road album in 2019.  He appeared on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, played piano live at the studios and met Giles Martin (son of George Martin).  Jude even got the opportunity to play on Paul McCartney’s piano!

We’ve loved hearing about Jude’s musical adventure and look forward to seeing his talent continue to develop and blossom during his time here at Southam College. 

If your child has a positive experience to share, we’d love to hear about it and celebrate their achievements too!

Click and listen

Calling all Year 7 History students!

We’ve been so impressed with the work you have done in lessons for the Castles unit, we’d like to see if you can demonstrate your knowledge with our ‘Castle Building Competition’! 

All the details are on the poster… we are excited to see the creative methods / materials you come up with for building models of medieval castles.

Year 7 Textiles

Our 7A1 Textiles’ students have taken part in a live fashion drawing lesson with Miss Sinden. 

We studied the work of Grace Ciao a fashion illustrator who works with natural objects to create quirky designs. Miss Sinden was really impressed with the whole class’s participation and enthusiasm. 

Well done year 7

Taking Care of YOU – Day one

For the next 5 days we are going to post a “Taking care of YOU” top tip for our young people and families. We know this is a hard time for everyone and taking care of your mind as well as your body is so important at this time. These tips might not be anything new but sometimes it is helpful to have ideas broken down and shared again. Pass them on and help others too!

Taking Care of YOU – Day one
Talk to someone about your worries. It’s ok to feel helpless, scared or anxious at this time. It’s also ok to feel fine. Everyone reacts differently. Try talking to someone you trust about how you feel. Sharing our worries helps. If you don’t feel you can talk to someone you know, click the link below for a range of fantastic helplines.


The Equality Act 2010

There are a number of laws designed to protect people from discrimination. You can learn about The Equality Act 2010 from this video and poster. It is good that we have laws but remember what we need to do ourselves is understand what racism is and oppose it wherever we see it, no matter who we are.

Reurn to school – January 2021

A happy new year to you and your families. 

As you are at home at the moment, we would like to inform you of how to make contact with school if you need ICT support. 

All students can access their email from home:

Website for email is https://outlook.com/welearn365.com

Student email accounts will be the school computer logon plus   @welearn365.com 

For Example:-   for Fred Smith school username will be f.smith21 (some have numbers after their name)

email username will be    f.smith21@welearn365.com

All students will have set their own passwords for accessing school computers- this password is the same one required for email/teams.

The email address for ICT support is: if you are having any issues logging in 

SOUSTUDENTICT@welearn365.comFor remote learning issues, please refer to the remote learning tab on the Southam College home page in the ‘back to school section of the website’

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