Suprise for Charlie!

Charlie U, Southam College’s biggest Robert Muchamore fan was disappointed to miss the live video chat whilst isolating last week.

However, Mrs Jones was able to get her hands on a signed copy of one of Muchamore’s books from the Robin Hood series and gifted it to Charlie. 

“Charlie was genuinely surprised and thrilled to receive the book – his reaction was wonderful” – Mrs Green

“It’s lovely to see a student so excited about reading” – Mr Samra

“The Cherub series by Muchamore have really got me into reading. Thank you!” – Charlie

If you’re looking for something to read over the summer – pop down to the library before the end of term to borrow a book.


Year 7 have done some lovely work during their final technology module of the year, which was textiles. Using felt, embroidery thread and buttons, they learnt some new stitches and decorated an A4 sized piece of denim, which was then sewn together, with a hidden zip inserted, to make a pencil case. Well done Year 7.

Year 7 Philosophy and Ethics

Year 7 Philosophy and Ethics students have been exploring the difference is makes to be part of the Sikh faith. Students enjoyed creating the Amrit ceremony and trying the Amrit sugar water in today’s lesson. 

Our ‘BIG’ question today was, ‘does being part of a religion make you a better person?’ 

Well done Year 7! 

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