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Dave Sunderland Inter-Counties Cross-Country Champs – Himley Hall, Dudley

Bella B. and Rosa W. competed for the Warwickshire Junior Girls Team at the Inter Counties Champs against the best cross-country runners from counties ranging from Surrey to Cheshire.

On an undulating and testing Himley Hall course, bathed in warm autumn sunshine, both girls ran with their usual courage and determination. Bella running against Yr 9 girls ran fantically and was the 5th Warwickshire runner home in 38th overall, and Rosa battled to the finish, when feel less than 100%, to come home as the 11th Warwickshire athlete in 59th. The Junior Girls Team finished 4th, but contributed vital points to the Overall Trophy that Warwickshire won.

The next schools race with be on 21st Jan and runners will be selected from there for the National Schools Championships in March.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to send a good cohort from Southam to represent Warwickshire again this year.

Well done again Girls, and lets hope you have some company next time.

Mr MacGibbon

Year 9 Food – Eggs 5 Ways

The current topic that Year 9 Food are studying is the most eggcellenty versatile, yet humble egg. From the simple boiled egg to its’ more diverse uses such as binding, coating, thickening, these nutrient packed meal-in-ones, have many functions. To begin this topic, Year 9 investigated cooking eggs in 5 different ways: poached, boiled, scrambled, fried and finally made into an omelette, to demonstrate how the various methods affect the white and yolk. Once students had washed up, they were able to eat what they had produced. Some eggceptional, eggsamples of the properties of eggs.

Well done Year 9.

Mrs James/ Miss Sinden/ Miss Dicken.

Food Lessons

Dear Parents/ Guardians. 

We are very mindful of the rising costs of ingredients (we all have to cook and provide for ourselves/our families too).  Whilst we are trying to deliver our Curriculums as normal, we can help students should they be unable to source ingredients (currently eggs), by selling them the amount required, from our store cupboard.  We encourage all students to bring in their ingredients ALREADY WEIGHED out, to save time.  If they haven’t weighed out their ingredients, we have scales in school and request that students come to T2/T3 before school or at break time, to do this.  We also HATE WASTE, now more than ever, so please remind students to take ALL food and any leftover ingredients home with them.  Every week we have to throw food away that has not been collected – we just don’t have the storage space to freeze it all etc. 

Thank you. Mrs James.

Anti-bullying week 2022

Taste your words before you spite them out

We, the Head Students are excited to announce a new approach to anti-bullying week this year. We have created a week that will surround the topics of sexism, racism and homophobia, and take a more direct and united approach to tackling bullying. Within this week we aim to educate the lower school on why bullying is not tolerated, but more specifically the history behind the aforementioned subsections of bullying and put a stress on why we shouldn’t use targeted, hateful words. The Year 12 prefect team are running a presentation session in years 7-9, which will be an educational session on why certain derogatory slurs are not used, and the history behind them. This is because we believe that educating students as to why these words are hurtful is a lot more efficient at tackling targeted bullying than punishment.

Year 9 Rugby

The year 9 Rugby team took a short trip to Leamington Rugby club on a packed evening of Southam fixtures to take on local Warwickshire schools under the lights. Southam were carrying lots of confidence from their last win over Kenilworth and were keen to keep up their recent form. Southam’s first game was against Kenilworth which proved to be a tough game. Kenilworth piled on the pressure late in the game but a well worked try finished off from Tom O was the difference as Southam took the win 7-0. 

Southam’s second game was against North Leamington School who looked threatening when in possession but individual and team moments of brilliance led Southam to run away with the win with tries from Jack B, James R and Jacob S. Southam played their best Rugby in this game and thoroughly deserved the win 19-0.

Southam, a usual, performed and represented themselves and the school brilliantly and walked away undefeated victors.

Year 9 food preparation and nutrition

To conclude their Half Term topic of Cereals, all of our Year 9 Food students have been learning to make French Fruit Tarts, using Pate Sucree, a sweet shortcrust pastry, to line individual tartlet tins. Made over the course of two lessons, the cooled tart cases were filled with crème patissiere, a sweet custard-like pastry cream and then decorated with fresh fruit. Anyone who has visited any French town is likely to have seen these attractive tartlets temptingly displayed in the window of a Patisserie. They make a delicious treat and Y9 made a great effort in producing some appetising tartlets.

Next half term we focus on Eggs – have an enjoyable week off Y9 and well done for your hard work.

Mrs James, Head of Food.

2024 Ski Trip

Dear Parent/Carer,

The school had traditionally run a ski trip for Year 10 students each year. For the coming trip in 2023 we moved from Europe to the USA as travel time was slightly reduced with flights, and it also enabled us to go over the Easter holidays allowing students to still have time at home over this break. For this trip the cost deference between Europe and the USA was not significant. 

We have looked at possibilities for 2024, and the cost has risen significantly from previous trips. We know that this is something we are seeing in all areas of life currently and the challenges that families are facing. Having said that we would still offer a ski trip 2024 if there is the demand for this. 

If you are interested in your child taking part in this experience, could you please complete the very short form below with your preference. This is not a commitment for them to attend or a guarantee of a place, no money is being taken at this time. This form is simply to see if this is an activity we should move forward with in the planning stage for 2024.