LGBTQ+ Workshop

On 29th September, Years 8 and 9 had the opportunity to listen to Izzy T perform some of her songs and deliver a talk to the students. The talk focused on mental health, body image, LGBTQ+ issues and disabilities. All the students were listening and answering Izzy’s questions, and getting into the music as well with some head banging! We’d like to say a huge thank you to Izzy T too who has been a new perspective for the students to hear from, and also took photos with the students too.

Mr. Faulkner, LGBTQ+ Ambassador

European Day of Languages


The European Day of Languages takes place this weekend on Sunday 26th September and it is a great way to celebrate our diversity and rich European culture

All this week at Southam College our students have been exploring the European Day of Languages Escape Room and winning HAPS for their house. 

There is still time to take part, so students if you think that you can crack the code, follow the link below, find the code and send it to to win 5 HAPS for your house!

Good luck / mucha suerte / bonne chance / viel gluck

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