Frequently asked questions

Will there be any induction days before the Summer holidays?

Due to the current Government guidelines and social distancing measures, Year 6 students are unable to attend Southam College. Therefore, we have had to cancel our planned induction days. We will however, upload a variety of resources to the Year 6 transition tab under the school closure banner on our website for them to access. If your child attends one of our feeder schools, we have provided copies of the transition booklet for them to use.

When will the new school term start?

The Autumn term is due to start on Thursday 3rd September, however, we will update you further as we receive more guidance from the Government.

My child comes from a non-feeder primary school, will Year 6 be able to visit Southam College?

Unfortunately, due to social distancing measures Year 6 students as a group cannot visit the school site, however, more information will be sent out in June outlining further communication we are planning to have with our new intake of students and their parents.

Will parents be able to visit Southam College?

Further information will be sent out to all parents in June outlining possible contact options with the College.

How do we buy school uniform?

Our school uniform is available online from Scallywagz in Daventry, or Chez Rama in Leamington. Shop opening times will be dependent on Government advice and we advise that you contact these suppliers directly for further information or queries.

Which languages will my child study?

All students in Year 7 next will study Spanish, we are then asking parents and students to select either French or German. All students will study two languages next year, as additional English and Maths support groups have been timetabled in line with the English and Maths lessons themselves. Please return your Languages reply slip by 3rd July 2020, otherwise the language choice will be allocated to you.

Which tutor group or house will my child be in?

You will receive a letter towards the end of June outlining which tutor group and house your child has been placed into. This will determine the colour tie your child needs;

Godiva (GV) – Blue

Webb Ellis (WE) – Yellow

Whittle (WH) – Red

Shakespeare (SE) – Purple

If your child is in 7WG1 – this is a mixed tutor group of all houses and we will make it clear which house they are in.

What time does school start?

Registration starts at 8:50am and we expect students to be in school by 8:45am.

How do I get a bus pass?

All transport is handled by the local authority, as a school we do not issue bus passes or support with finance towards the cost of this. All information can be found by using the following link.

Will my child be grouped by ability?

In Year 7 students will be grouped by ability in English, Maths and Science. All other subjects will be taught as mixed ability. At the start of Year 7, students will be banded according to the information we have gathered from their Primary schools. After October half term, we will then assess each child and make any amendments to our groupings which we feel are necessary to support each child’s education.

Who will be my child’s Head of Year?

Each year group has a Head of Year and a member of the Leadership team to support them. Next year Mrs Erroi will be Head of Year 7 and Mr Johnson will support her as part of the Leadership team.

If I have a query, who do I contact?

Prior to the start of the Autumn term please send any queries to once school starts in September please then direct any queries to .

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