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Competition Results

As part of Southam College’s World Kindness day, students were asked to enter our poloroid of kindness.

We recieved a large amount of entries which highlights the kind acts our students have done or are continuing to do!

1st – Gracie R Year 7 – Collecting over 30 bags of warm clothes for The Helping Hands community project

2nd – Harry S Year 7 – Delivered newspapers to elderly residents during lockdown

3rd – Cade B Year 9 – Ran a fundraiser in South Africa for local animals in a drought

4th – Arianna B Year 8 – Visited Springhill Prison in Thailand to give food to prisoners and monks.

Hinduism workshop

Year 7 Philosophy and Ethics students have taken part in our Hinduism workshop today as part of Southam College’s World Inclusivity Week 2020. 

Each work shop was delivered by the ISKCON Education service. Students were given the opportunity to explore the Hindu faith from the historical development to how Hinduism is practised today. 

After School Extra-Curricular

Following the new guidance for schools during this month long lockdown there will be no after school clubs e.g. sports, reading group etc during lockdown. As a result late buses will not run during lockdown.Year 11 and 13 subject booster sessions and detentions continue as normal. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Hinduism Workshop

Southam College’s Philosophy and Ethics department are pleased to host the ISKCON Education service on Monday 9th November.

ISKCON education service will be presenting the Hinduism religion to our Year 7 students as part of our World Inclusivity Week.

Old Sports hall

Period 1 7GV1 and 7GV2

Period 2 7SE1 and 7SE2

Period 3 7WE1 and 7WE2

Period 4 7WH1 and 7WH2

(WG students will take part according to the house they belong too)

Please speak to your Philosophy and Ethics teacher for more information.

Year 7 Cooking and Nutrition

Today our year 7 Food Groups made Pasta Salad. We practiced our cutting skills using both the bridge and claw methods. We looked at a healthy lunch option and discussed adding different protein options. Our students were excited to take their finished salads home. Well done all

Mrs Washbrook and Mrs Wadley

Southam College are pleased to present World Inclusivity Week 2020!

As part of Southam College’s World Inclusivity week, we are working together with The Helping Hands Community project. We are collecting warm clothing, including:






Both male and female and any age. 

Please place all donations on the table by student reception.

All donations made will go to supporting local people in need this winter.

As part of Southam College’s celebration of World Kindness Day on Friday 13th November 2020, we would like to recognise the acts of kindness from all our community. Students are being asked to send in a photograph, highlighting their acts of kindness by Tuesday 10th November. 

We want to strive to make the world a better place; promoting good deeds, celebrating positivity and highlighting our kind and caring students!

Please send all entries to

Year 7 Science

7WH2 have produced some wonderful models of plant and animal cells for home learning. They all show an excellent mix of creativity and accuracy using a range of resources including lego, plasticine, paint and even food.

I am very impressed 7WH2 – keep up the hard work!

Mrs Callan

house competition

Southam College are celebrating World Kindness Day on November 13th 2020

Students who wish to take part, are required to send in a picture of their kind act.

Each entry recieves 30 HAPS with the overall most inspirational kind act, recieving 500 HAPS for their house!

Please send all entries by Tuesday 10th November

All entries will go towards creating our ‘Southam wave of kindness’

Message from Mrs Erroi

You have been amazing over the last eight weeks and settled in very well to life at Southam College, so congratulations to you all!

Do not forget over the half term recharge, organise yourself ready for the next eight weeks and have a go at our competition.

Design something picture, art, poem or anything that you enjoy representing HAPPINESS. Designing something that makes you happy is the key.

Please bring your entry in to your tutor with you on the Monday 2nd No ember. It is a week one when we return to Southam College.

Happy half term

Mrs Erroi, Head of year 7

Year 7 Geography

Some fantastic work from 7WE2 today producing “handy” maps! They all created beautiful maps featuring symbols, contour lines, a key and compass. Well done!

7GV2 worked brilliantly on their ‘handy maps’ with some fantastic results. Well done everyone!

Lions International Peace Poster winning entries

Southam College are pleased to announce their 2020-21 Lions International Peace Poster winning entries. This year we received over 30 entries for the the theme, ‘Peace through service.’

Well done to Leilani H, Year 7, who was our overall winner and her entry will be going forward into the local round. 

Also well done to Laura J, Myles W and Sam G who were our runners up. 

Mrs Thomas 

Southam College are recruiting Global Virtues and Cultural Ambassadors

As part of your role as an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to develop democracy, mutual respect and individual liberty on a whole school basis.

Are you interested in developing cultural opportunities for all year groups?

Would you like to encourage all students to show kindness, confidence and resilience through these key virtues?

Being an ambassador is open to all year groups

First meeting to take place on Wednesday 14th October in P1 at 12:30pm

Please see Mrs Thomas for more details

European Day of Languages poster competition RESULTS

A big congratulations to all the students that entered the European Day of Languages poster competition. We’re pleased to announce the winners, who are:

1st place – 500 HAPS – Evie B Y7 GODIVA 
2nd place – 400 HAPS – Ella N Y7 WEBB ELLIS
3rd place – 300 HAPS – Emma C Y7 WEBB ELLIS 
4th place – 200 HAPS – Zahra Z Y7 SHAKESPEARE 

Everyone who entered also gets 30 HAPS each for entering. Well done to you all.