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Be part of our PTSA

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As part of your Year 7 induction pack you should have received a form to complete to join our 100 Club. This is a great opportunity for you to be part of our quarterly draws and raise money for the College. We also run our own events throughout the year, with the aim of raising £10k each year, for the school to spend on equipment or improvements that enhance the students experience at school.
If you would like to be part of the PTSA, please do email us at and we’ll be happy to contact you, or complete the forms in your induction pack and return them to the College.
You can also raise funds for the school whilst you shop online through or
Make sure you visit the Year 6 blog again in a few days as we will also be uploading a virtual introduction to the PTSA and the work that we do in supporting the College.
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The Uniform Shop

For the second year, we are running our uniform shop initiative to encourage reuse of garments and reduce Textile waste, one of the leading contributing factors to climate change. 

You will be able to order uniform by emailing the item and size of garment that you need to the following email address:

Please carefully check the attached documents to see what stock we have available.

Orders will then be available for collection from the student office, this will be confirmed to you directly via email.

We are accepting donations in an honesty box which will also be held at the student office, the money raised will go to the school and enable use to continue to run The Uniform Shop and other events in future years.

N.B All uniform is second-hand and sold as seen.

Due to COVID-19 all uniform will need to be washed immediately once you bring it home. We will be unable to accept returns once an item has been taken home so please measure your child carefully before placing an order.

Uniform Shop Stock list

Year 6 Virtual Induction Evening

Monday 29th June at 5pm to hear presentations from Mr Samra, Mr Johnson and other members of staff who will support our new Year 7 students in September. We will also be providing parents with further information to support Year 6 students in preparing for their move and induction into Secondary school.

Year 6 Feeder school visits

Mr Johnson will be visiting some of our main feeder schools over the next 2 weeks, if you still need to return your Year 7 induction pack, he is happy to collect this from students during his visit. Please remember the deadline for all forms being returned is 3rd July.
Planned visit dates are as follows and account for the current provision for Year 6 students at their respective schools:
  • Friday 19th June – St James Primary
  • Monday 22nd June – Long Itchington
  • Tuesday 23rd June – The Priors and Harbury
  • Wednesday 24th June – Bishop’s Itchington Primary
  • Thursday 25th June – Long Itchington and Stockton
  • Monday 29th June – Harbury
  • Tuesday 30th June – St Lawrence and St Mary’s


House System
At Southam College their are four houses, each with the same aim of winning the overall house competition each year. The winning house from each year group gets to go on a trip at the start of each new academic year so the more HAPs you earn the more chance your house has of winning!

House Points (HAPs)
Throughout the year you can earn House Points for the following:
Outstanding attitude to learning, outstanding home learning, 100% attendance, being prepared and fully equipped in tutor and many more!

Courtesy Tickets
If you show kind and courteous behaviour towards another student, staff or visitors then you may be awarded a courtesy ticket these are each worth 10 HAPs and will go towards your house total!

Awards and Certificates
You can gain certificates and rewards for earning a certain amount of HAPs throughout the year:
Gold – Top 5% in the year group
Silver – Top 10% in the year group
Bronze – Top 15% in the year group
Diamond – Top of the whole school
Platinum – Top of the year group
Emerald – Most improved from term to term
Tutor – Top in the tutor
House – Top ten in the House

The house system is an important and exciting part of school life and students thrive in this competitive environment. May the best house win!



You will have different teachers for each subject so there will be lots of new people to get to know.

You will see your tutor twice a day during registration. You can ask your tutor if there is anything that you are not sure of or are worried about.

Your Head of Year works with your tutors to make sure that you are able to achieve your true potential in every area of college life. You can find them if you have any problems or if there is some- thing you think they’d like to know. Heads of Year love to hear good news!

There are lots of other members of staff in school that may not be your teachers, however they will be happy to help if you need it.


Message from Mrs Erroi

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Mrs Erroi, Head of Year 7 2020/2021

I have heard a great deal about you from your proud teachers and now I am very keen to meet you! I am delighted to be your Head of Year. Together with your Tutors, I am looking forward to you being part of the best year group Southam College has ever had!

As your Head of Year, I will monitor your achievements and behaviour. I am really looking forward to celebrating your successes with you and your Tutors and I will also be there to support you in case you have any problems. I firmly believe that Southam College has a fantastic caring and community feel that allows everyone to achieve.

I am looking forward to helping make your journey from Primary School to Southam College enjoyable and for you to be able to arrive in September full of excitement, energy and motivation to be the best you can be!

Day to day routine

  • 8.45am Students to be on site
  • 8.50am AM Registration
  • 9.10am First lesson
  • 10.10am Second lesson
  • 11.10am Break time
  • 11.30am Third lesson
  • 12.30pm Lunch time – You can either bring your lunch to school or buy it from the canteen.
  • 1.20pm Fourth lesson
  • 2.20pm Fifth lesson
  • 3.20pm PM Registration
  • 3.30pm College finishes

After school activities start.

The bell rings at the beginning & the end of lessons, apart from period 2 & 3 where you will be dismissed by your teacher. There is a warning bell at the start of the day, at the end of lunch & break time, so that you know it’s time to go to lessons or registration.

Once you arrive at school you MUST stay on the site until you leave at 3.30pm. Students are not permitted to leave school during lunchtime, unless you have a signed lunch pass.

Keep all your belongings with you throughout the day – you can get a locker to keep things in if you wish. It is important that all of your belongings are clearly named.

If you are ill you go to the Student Office & tell them. You do not ring home. The school will get in contact with parents if you need to go home.