Food preparation and nutrition

This week our Year 9 Food students have been doing experiments looking at the effects of Enzymic Browning and how to prevent it.  Enzymic Browning affects some fruits and vegetables for example; bananas, apples, pears, potatoes and parsnips.   Enzymic Browning is the unattractive browning of fruit/ vegetables, which results from the flesh being cut open and exposed to Oxygen. Students sliced apples into even thickness pieces and then looked at different ingredients which might prevent browning.  Lemon juice and vinegar were two as they both alter the Ph value of the apple, being acidic.  A sugar and water solution was another option, which coats the exposed flesh preventing Oxygen from getting to it.  Students used timers to periodically check progress of the apple slices and noted the appearance. 

Well done on a well executed experiment. 

Mrs James

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