Year 9 netball

Southam v Kings High

On Wednesday the girls took on Kings High. They started strong with some great dodging and driving down the court. Interceptions by Isla and Matilda allowed us to take the lead 4-3 after the first quarter. Kings came back fighting in the second, but we still held our own with the first half ending 8-11 to Kings.

In the second half Kings really stepped up a gear passing the ball with speed down the court. However, I was really impressed with how we played as a squad. Everyone on the team put in 100% effort chasing down lots of loose balls. Olivia and Phoebe H put lots of lovely balls into the circle as well as working hard defensively. Hannah with great marking against a speedy WA and Charlotte, Lexi and Phoebe B with some excellent shots and movement.

Although the game ended a 25-13 loss, this didn’t reflect our play. Well done girls, super proud of you all!

Miss Carro

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