2024 Ski Trip

Dear Parent/Carer,

The school had traditionally run a ski trip for Year 10 students each year. For the coming trip in 2023 we moved from Europe to the USA as travel time was slightly reduced with flights, and it also enabled us to go over the Easter holidays allowing students to still have time at home over this break. For this trip the cost deference between Europe and the USA was not significant. 

We have looked at possibilities for 2024, and the cost has risen significantly from previous trips. We know that this is something we are seeing in all areas of life currently and the challenges that families are facing. Having said that we would still offer a ski trip 2024 if there is the demand for this. 

If you are interested in your child taking part in this experience, could you please complete the very short form below with your preference. This is not a commitment for them to attend or a guarantee of a place, no money is being taken at this time. This form is simply to see if this is an activity we should move forward with in the planning stage for 2024.

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