House Cross Country results

283 students completed the famous Southam house cross country course. Some fantastic performances, support and effort shown from all of the four houses.

The year 7’s were the first to tackle the course, with fantastic numbers tackling the course. Harvey was the fastest round the course closely tracked by Adrian both representing Webb Ellis. Daniel (WH) completed the top 3 for the boys with a great finish running through the line. Even though Webb Ellis took the top 2 places they struggled in the team event, where Godiva took a blistering win ahead of Whittle, Shakespeare and Webb Ellis in forth.

Webb Ellis took 1st and 2nd in the girls event too with a fantastic run by Bethan and Xanthe. Whittle managed another  3rd place with Isabelle finishing strongly just ahead of her team mate Olivia. Whittle managed a great turn out for the girls event and this time managed to nudge ahead of Godiva in the team event closely followed by Shakespeare and Webb Ellis.

The fastest time of the day went to Charlie (GV) in the year 8 boys race, making Mr MacGibbon have to work the whole way round the course. Emilio (WH) tried to chase him down but the 9sec gap was too much to close down in the final stages , the 3rd and 4th spots went to Fin (SE) and Tom (WH) finishing in quick succession. The whittle boys turned out in force for the event and saw them sneak another win for the house in the team event, with Godiva in 2nd, Shakespeare 3rd and Webb Ellis in 4th.

The year 8 Godiva girls put on a show for the other houses, fulfilling 5 of the top 10 spots. Bella was the fastest of the girls on the day, followed by Holly and Tammy. The girls went straight out from the whistle and held their lead over the field, chasing Mr MacGibbon down. The Godiva girls steamed to victory in the team event, Webb Ellis took 2nd, with Shakespeare and Whittle in 4th.

The year 9 girls race finally saw the Webb Ellis house get rewarded in the team event thanks for amazing runs by Rosa (1st ), Grace (3rd), Phoebe (5th), Lily (8th) and Edith (10th) all finishing in the top 10. Eva managed to sneak on the podium for Whittle adding vital points to her houses score. Webb Ellis took the win, followed by Whittle, Shakespeare and Godiva in 4th.

The most competitive race of the day was the year 9 boys race, it was finally won in a sprint finish by Alex (WH) nudging Jacob (GV) into 2nd and Jamie (WE) into 3rd. The team event was also closely contested but the Whittle boys managed to take another win, Godiva finished in a close 2nd with Webb Ellis in 3rd and Shakespeare in 4th.

Everyone should be extremely pleased with their performances; it was a great show of resilience and fitness.

The overall results for the day:

1st Whittle

2nd Godiva

3rd Webb Ellis

4th Shakespeare

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