Year 9 score fab 5 in Tuesday Triumph

The year 9 Footballers took the field at the college vs Kineton on Tuesday evening. Lads sorted out kit, haircut clashes and boots in readiness for their opening game.

Once Southam settled into a pattern of play, pushing wide and then back inside, they dominated possession. 100 % effort was the number one request as we assessed strengths and weaknesses. The press of Alex M and Reece S, saw midfield domination. This resulted in Alex winning the ball high up the pitch and calmly slotting the ball into the corner. The ball went wide to Tom F  several times as he provided much for the opponents to think about. It was a great fight between him and the Kineton right back who also deserved credit for his physicality.  Jamie M was solid at the back and shepherded an inexperienced but hard working back 4. Jack R and Zac G were excellent out of position, whilst Owen D, showed no nonsense clearances at right back. The second goal was a hooked through ball from Jamie M to Ethan M. He drove the ball on 20th minute into the back of the net. Domination did not quiet produce goals for the rest of the half . The release needed to be quicker for the through running Tudor C. 2-0 half time.

The second half saw Kineton come back into the game as Southam flagged with fitness after such hard running. Kineton get one back with a looping shot over the top of an unlucky Archie J. Archie was unflappable at the back and communicated well. He deserved a clean sheet. Aadi P grafted well on the right for not much result, but Southam struck back after Ethan M’s mazey run on the right, squaring the ball for Jacob S. at the far post, who powered it in running from deep. This gave the team a boost and Reece began to show the touches he dominated with in the first half. From this Ethan released Luca V who took a sweet strike to make it 4. Moments later Jacon S skied the ball from 5 yards, ( Ronnie Rosentilesq for those parents and grandparents that remembered it) in a carbon copy move of his goal, but the nature of the lad was so commendable as he smashed through the defence from the goal kick prodding the ball through for Luca to make it 5. Jacob could have been man of the match for a goal and two assists.  Equally, Reece, Ethan and Jamie were all in a shout for man of the match today, but the inspiration for the result was Alex M who was a tireless engine and provider in midfield. 5 – 1 final result. 

The whole team worked hard but the squad needs strength in depth so more training for all on Monday please all year 9 lads. 

strengths: spirit, lines of running second half off the ball, physicality and calmness of finish and pace.

development: touch at times, delivery slightly earlier through the lines. Shape in transition for defence.

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