Y8 Rugby finished their Rugby season with a bang.

On Thursday afternoon the Y8 Rugby team travelled to Leamington RFC to play in the Leamington Invitational Tournament. The boys were in positive spirits following their recent outing against Princethorpe.

Unfortunately, only Aylesford turned up, so the team found themselves in the final by default.

What followed was an aggressive display that embodied everything that the team had been asked to implement. The front 5 won every scrum and provided a consistent stream of possession from which multiple attacks were launched. 19 trys were scored in total in a 95-0 victory. 

Scorers were:

Jacob S 4

Hugh PB 2

James R 3

Ollie S 

Jamie M 2

James M

Corey M 2

Ethan M

Tom OM

Joe C 2

Well done to all 12 boys who played.

Mr Lowdon

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