Year 8 Netball

Last night the Year 8 netball team travelled to North Leamington School for the League ‘cup’ semi-final.  North Leam started off strong creating a 4-1 lead. and then extended this lead to 6-2 in the second quarter. However, we didn’t let this faze us! After a half time team talk we, fought strong in the third quarter!  Isla and Eva worked hard in the circle forcing the shooters to make errors. The centre court consisting of Rosa, Charlotte and Phoebe H puts lots of defensive pressure on the passes turning over lots of ball as well as making great movement to get the ball into our shooting circle. Alexia and Phoebe B were on form with their shooting! This whole team effort took us into the lead after the third quarter with the score ending 8-7 to Southam. We knew the last quarter was going to be tight having only a one goal lead. The team continued to work hard putting pressure on every pass allowing us to turn over possession! Hannah worked hard against the shooter keeping her from receiving the ball to shoot. This led to us extending our lead and taking the win with the final score being 11-9 to Southam!

So proud of you all and looking forward to the final in March!

Oppositions player: Charlotte

Coaches Player: Rosa  

Thanks to all our supporters who came to watch!

Miss Carro

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